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      因為專注  所以專業 | PRODUCTS


      適用范圍 Applications

      • 起重機,造船設備,煉鋼、煉鐵設備、工業設備、軋鋼設備、工程機械、特別適合用于高負載的裝備上

      • Crane, heavy industry, iron and steel mill facility, plant facility, cold stripping and rolling facility, machining center and most of industrial applications.

      特點 Features

      • 用經過熱處理過的銷子來固定經久耐用的鋁棒
      • 分量輕,電纜和管線能快而簡單的調整
      • 如用于高強度或者銅銹較多的地方可使用不銹鋼材質的產品
      • 拖鏈在運行過程中為了防止鏈板發生斷裂,在其重要的部位折彎增強其拉力,從而防止鏈板彎曲
      • 合理優化的設計使拖鏈運行更加輕巧流暢
      • 為了防止電纜及管線自重過大使之彎曲,扭曲,下垂,在拖鏈的立案板上折出一個1mm的連接板以增加它的支撐負荷力

      • It is made of very durable aluminum bar which are fixed with heat treated bolts.
      • The light weight and user friendly installation.
      • For superior staength and moisture environment to get rust easily, it can be made of stainess steel.
      • To solce a problem of the gap between link plates, we install braces in a specific part preventing them from being bent.
      • Removing unnecessary parts of link plate lightens it a weight up to 20%.
      • Improving sustainability and having plate curved by 1mm prevent it from being crooked, sagged due to the weight of cables and hoses.